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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CEST

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this is d. w. news live from berlin a sea change in ireland as voters there choose to abolish the country's strict abortion laws official results show a landslide victory for the yes camp two out of three voters in yesterday's referendum vote to scrap a constitutional ban on abortion the irish prime minister is describing the result as historic. today is saying historic day for ireland a quiet revolution is taking place and today is a great act of democracy a hundred years since women getting the right to vote today we as
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a people have spoken and we say that we trust women and respect women to make their own decisions and their own choices. also coming up a surprise meeting between the leaders of north and south korea it's the second time in just a month for things held talks the talk of the agenda the success of a summit between north korea and the u.s. despite president trump's cancellation of the summit just days ago. that in european soccer fans are counting down to tonight's champions league final title holders real madrid taking on liverpool in a dream match up we'll be looking at the potential run up to the big game. alone welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us people in ireland have voted by a landslide to liberalize the country's wrist. stripped of abortion laws with
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counting over after yesterday's referendum voters back the change by a margin of two to one we have the exact figures for you coming up behind me on the wall so just over one point four million voting in favor of liberalizing abortion laws and just over seven hundred thousand voting against that is a by the way a far higher margin than any opinion poll had predicted the result allows the irish government to bring in reforms by the end of this year. tears of joy after years of pain deeply personal experiences the stories of close friends they have all moved people to turn up and vote and celebrations were getting underway before the official results had even come in this yes is allowing this to leave you from all of the trauma and all of the same and there is a lot of feeling to do this this is really
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a great start if it was ireland's young people who voted by a large majority to lift the ban on abortion people had feared the vote were divided society cause rifts between the sexes and between arlen's arbonne centers and its real communities that didn't materialise what we've seen today really is the culmination of a quiet revolution that's been taking place in our land for the past ten or twenty years this has been a great exercise of democracy and the people have spoken the people have said that if we want a modern constitution for a modern country. the irish government will now move to pass a bill by the end of the year to allow abortion in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy without women having to give a reason. and it always broke at mass has been following the irish referendum for us here's her wrap up of the day's events. this result shows that alan has become an much more progressive country a potion he used to be it's
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a blue subject women that when crisis pregnancies had to travel saying that they did not get any help that they needed to hear it if. they had a lack of support i love they've come out and they've told their stories these women have changed the country for good. if you haven't spoke at mass there reporting from dublin now there's been a surprise meeting between south korean president in his north korean counterpart kim jong un as diplomatic half. it's to rescue came summit with u.s. president continued the two leaders met inside the demilitarized zone that divides the two koreas south korean officials say they had a candid exchange of views of making the u.s. north korea summit a success it's the second meeting between the two men within a month coming just days after president trump first canceled his summit with kim and then suggested it may have been offered a role. ok we're going to get the perspective from washington now our correspondent
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there claire richardson standing by for us clare how is washington reacting to this surprise meeting between the two korean leaders. hi christopher we're still waiting to see exactly what kind of reaction we're going to get from trump and the white house we do know that the white house has announced that a team is planning to leave from washington to singapore today to iron out some of the details for the planned meeting on june twelfth as though trump had never walked away from this arrangement we know that the surprise meeting between the north and south korean leaders as you say also focused on they say that it focused on ensuring that a successful american north korean leader summit does take place at some point of course this would be historic if trump just sit down with kim it would be the first time a sitting u.s. president meets with a north korean leader a lot of the details still need to be fleshed out so that's why we would see this team in singapore trying to determine an agenda some of the nitty gritty details
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behind exactly what the optics of this meeting would look like although we have seen the back and forth that is on again is it off again it does seem that there is still diplomatic wrangling taking place to try and ensure that some sort of meeting can occur. you mentioned. singapore the u.s. negotiating team they're going to be setting the agenda want is the american agenda you know the white house has been mentioning that diplomats in the background of busy talking to each other to make sure that there's so make sure it is a success one of the main stumbling blocks for the u.s. . there certainly are several stumbling blocks and in fact it's going to be a more difficult possession position for the united states now that trump said that he would walk away from this meeting in some ways it strengthens the north koreans hands as being seen as taking the high ground they came out with a very conciliatory statement the other day saying that they were willing to hold talks at any moment so there's going to be coming back to the table we're going to
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have to see exactly what kind of concessions north korea is willing to make what united states is willing to make and there's also the issue of trust we've just seen that this meeting between a key u.s. ally south korea with the north you would generally expect to see the united states there side by side with south korea in a message of support and instead we see this surprise meeting between south korea and the north without the united states' involvement it's going to be a matter of making sure that the united states actually has a say in these negotiations and that they don't see china north korea and south korea for example cutting some kind of deal without their involvement ok clear many thanks for that clear richard washington correspondent. and we're going to turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world in france thousands of trade unionists have again demonstrated against the labor reforms of president in one year in my car but attendance at today's protests was lower than that earlier and to reform rallies french trade unionists angry over public sector job losses
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and reductions in workers' benefits micron's government has vowed to push ahead with the reforms. a cycler in his battered the arabian peninsula bringing devastation to parts of amman and neighboring yemen and leaving at least two people dead a month third largest city has been worst hit and there's also been heavy flooding in nearby rural areas. the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin sell none has reportedly him imposed a ban on government agencies awarding contracts to german companies according to the people online website it says the kingdom's de facto ruler isn't happy with but instance on riyadh's foreign policy is decision exports totaling almost seven billion euros. to india now where all thirty's have reported an outbreak of the deadly nipah virus officials say twelve people have died in the southern state of
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kerala and now working to determine whether any more people have been infected the outbreak has prompted a rush on hospitals infected patients were brought to a clinic in india's southern corrales state but for most doctors couldn't help. the risks of the virus are alarming it has a mortality rate of seventy percent and there is no vaccine or cure there are fears following the first outbreak in southern india until now it had mostly been seen in bangladesh. some of the neighboring districts in media indian state of. global spread has never been reported bar we should be cautious like. people are migrating from one place to another there is a turn for the dead of. the inquisition period for the diseases four to fourteen days fruit bats are a natural host of the virus but it can be spread from person to person indian
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officials say the virus seems not to be spreading further for now but people in quarantine are still under observation. in european chocolates the biggest evening of the year tonight with the champions league final kicking off in about forty minutes time in the ukrainian capital kiev spanish giants real madrid are going for an unprecedented third title in a row but another traditional name liverpool stand in their way to clubs with a rich heritage in european competition facing off for its top prize. in the dritte the holders the galactica. against liverpool the reds club synonymous with european glory one of them will add another chapter to their love history by winning the champions league. we are again in the champions league final you know and we're going into it with
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a lot of confidence we will try to very positive everything to bring the boys. two shoulder boys why it makes so much sense to be really brave in that game real madrid are chasing a third straight champions league title. down has molded a group of talented individuals into a winning machine on the european stage but one man stands tall amongst them kristie on the right now that was netted fifteen times in the champions league this propofol rails goals in the competition. when you had christiane zero in the tame to the best and he proves it every year but five times champions little ball that this competition in their blood they used to dominate but their last title was two thousand and five now they have german coach your club excelling abroad his top man is now hamad salah back home in egypt he's a megastar and the final copy crowning glory he has played this season which is
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outstanding but he's young enough and has now potential to improve so that's a really good news real madrid against liverpool we could be in for a classy. fans from both sides flocking to ukraine's capital of course for that final taking over the street think here for head of the big match the grid fans have been making themselves heard throughout the city as they chase the third consecutive title but liverpool supporters in particular have been out of boisterous mood turning large parts of kiev read as they gear up to watch the big game. now for something completely different is there life on mars that's a question scientists are hoping to find out more about soon with the help of a joint european russian program called exo mars two years ago that program launched a probe to the red planet and after a long journey that probe has now descended into an orbit low enough for it to
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sniff the planet's surface for me thing anything would be a possible indicator that life once existed on mars or perhaps still does. the first high resolution images from the exo mars probe on its new orbit they show part of a crater in the northern hemisphere and perhaps evidence of me thing gas on the surface of the red planet we know that the lifetime when we think it's very short just a few hundred years will be broken down by the sunlight by the u.v. component of this on light so if it is there now we know that it has to be refilled all the time and where does it come from that's the big question. and a question that photos alone can't answer so the european space agency and its russian counterpart ross cosmos plan to send a remote lending vehicle to mars within the next two years the
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exo mars rover will be fitted with a drill that can take samples as deep as two meters below the planet's surface scientists are hoping to determine whether the methane is a result of geological or biological activity the team is excited about the possibilities. of course. you can imagine yourself walking on. in the future people will be walking on was. exciting and then. even. the place despite differences on european and russian cooperation in space could help unlock the mysteries of the red planet . a story for you official results showing that. countries. taking part in
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a crucial referendum yesterday. in the meantime you can always get the latest updates from. the red gold the story of how. taking in the world. superhero. smart smart station and. dangerous.


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